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My Three Goals for 2018

Happy New Year, fam!

No lie, 2017 wasn’t perfect for anyone. So let’s make 2018 as baller as possible, shall we?

My friend Evelyn (pictured above) and I decided to sit down on New Years Eve to plan our goals for the year to come. We broke them down into three main categories: personal, professional, and physical health. My goals don’t fit entirely into those categories, but they’re close enough. I’m sharing them here because I need to be held accountable – if no one is peer pressuring me and/or encouraging me, I may end up just sitting on my couch binge watching Law & Order SVU and actually saying  “dun dun” out loud every time a new episode begins.

So here we are. My goals for 2018. Continue reading “My Three Goals for 2018”