Upcoming Adventures

This is my bucket list. It changes and grows all the time. I want to do all of these things (in no particular order). What else should I add?

  • Hike something cool [Everest Base Camp Trek completed October 2017]
  • Summit a mountain (Kilimanjaro 2019 – who’s in?!)
  • Hike the Grand Canyon [Completed]
  • Dive in the Great Barrier Reef (bonus points if this dive is with Dr. Sylvia Earle…)
  • Set foot in all 50 states (still need Hawaii, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Ohio)
  • Set foot on all 7 continents – still need Africa, Australia and Antarctica (If I get to meet a penguin anywhere in the world, that would be a bonus).
  • Hike across state lines [Completed 2017! TN > NC on the AT]
  • Watch baby sea turtles hatch and swim into the ocean
  • Be in Germany for Oktoberfest
  • Backpack through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Singapore
  • Find and swim with thresher sharks in the Philippines
  • Live on the West Coast for a year
  • Live on the East Coast for a year [Completed]
  • Jump out of an airplane on purpose [Completed]
  • Jump in the water with sharks on purpose [Completed]
  • Cross country road trip [Completed]
  • Win over $100 on a slot machine in Vegas [Completed]
  • Come up with an awesome business idea, and then build it
  • Create a successful non-profit or social good project
  • Give a lecture or speech [completed]
  • Make passive income through affiliate marketing [completed]
  • Learn to ballroom dance
  • Do one set of 5 pull ups [Completed]
  • Do one set of 8 pull ups [Completed]
  • Drink a cappuccino in a cafe in Italy
  • Eat a kebab in Turkey
  • Eat a potato in Idaho
  • Eat a peach in Georgia
  • Go wine tasting in Northern California
  • Pick oranges in California [completed]
  • Eat a Danish in Denmark [Completed]
  • Try chowder in both Portland, Maine and Seattle, Washington [completed – Maine was better IMO]
  • Spend Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts
  • Be a part of a political protest
  • Be an extra in a TV show or movie (bonus points if it’s an episode of SVU. Extra bonus points if I get to meet Detective Olivia Benson).
  • Roll the dice at the craps table for 30 minutes [Completed]
  • Split wood with an ax [completed]
  • Go to an NFL game [completed]
  • Go to an NHL game [completed]

24 thoughts on “Upcoming Adventures”

    1. Hey Sarah! I do love me some Marie Forleo (seriously I might be a bit of a groupie, it’s embarrassing)! Thanks so much for the comment :) I love your list, as well! Lots of good stuff on it. Anything you think I should add to this sucker?

      1. Ha! Me too… Ever since I found Marie, I’ve obsessively waited for the Tuesday email. She has such amazing stuff.

        Now that you’ve created a list, you’ll find things to add to it! It is a wonderful thing!

  1. Awesome list! I may have to borrow some to add to my own list. Would be cool to meet you when you visit Idaho, let me know if there is anything I can do to help with that adventure. Best of luck!

      1. Visit Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Climb Table Rock and go on safari in S. Africa, go to an EPL game, learn a new language, skydive. Those are a few things on it, of course always adding to it.

  2. Very Cool! 10 full time employees at Split Aces is an amazing goal – I’ll keep my eye open for job postings :) and at least you have a contact here in Iowa when you decide to visit the state!

    1. Hi Chad! That’s the plan… I want to have enough people knocking at the door for media help that I have to hire 10 people to manage all of it. One day at a time! I’ll definitely holla when I pass through Iowa :) Thanks!

  3. Awesome list Jessie! And dammit… you have inspired me to get going on mind! I have a pinboard with 6 things but I need to actually write some things down and create a post out of it!

    I’m going to do that NOW! It will be ready today. The start of it.

    You say 10 employees? I was telling my sister today that if I had the money I would truly have 10 employees right now!! So crazy!!

  4. These are so inspirational, Jessie! I had to start my own list after going through these.

    Some of mine include living in Israel for a year, live in at least six European countries, and live in Australia and New Zealand. I want to explore the whole world!

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  6. Wear a Yankee hat to Fenway Park

    Wearing a red soxs hat would be more entertaining and make for a good experience to blog about!

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