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The importance of community in business, and how to find yours

It’s human nature to feel the desire to belong to something bigger – something that makes us feel important, useful, and purposeful. As we grow up, that desire never disappears, but it changes and moves in between phases.

When we are kids, we dream to be picked first in gym class. For some reason, we all dread the thought of being picked last in an intense game of Dodgeball (how humiliating, right)?

When we’re teenagers, we desperately hope to be invited to the cool kids’ house parties when their parents go out of town (yes, I’m looking at you – don’t act innocent).

When we’re in college, we hope to be accepted as part of Greek life or any type of academic, charitable, or young professional organizations.

When we begin our careers, all bright-eyed and filled with ambition, we hope to become part of professional communities that will help carry us to the top of the ladders and help shape us into the professionals we always knew we would become.

We are always longing to belong to something, which we know and endlessly hope will lead us toward bettering ourselves and being accepted by our peers, mentors, friends, and family.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur on your way to becoming the next feature story in Forbes Magazine, or if you’re an intern starting from the bottom of the totem pole at a big fancy-pants corporate empire, the importance of community in business is still everywhere. Rich people, poor people, young people, old people, introverts, extroverts, and everyone in between…we all desire to be part of a community. Continue reading “The importance of community in business, and how to find yours”

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The Worst Time To Get Started

This is a guest post from Oli Lewington, Smile Through It

Monday is when everything starts.  The diet, the great new habit, the exercise program. Everything we do, we always tell ourselves we’ll start on Monday. Do we? Sometimes.  Does it stick? Rarely.

The January 1st Complex

Any entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry will tell you that their sales absolutely skyrocket in the first couple of weeks of January.  Everyone blasts through the Christmas over-indulgence and sees the changing of the calendar as a fresh chance to start anew.

It’s understandable – the start of a new year is a natural point for us to pick to kick ourselves into gear.

When it comes to knuckling down to the hard work, whether for our health, our business or even our relationships, none of us want to start right now; we always pick a nice, natural kick-off point we can build toward.

Often, that’s January 1st.  But in the mid-year months, it’s nearly always Monday. Continue reading “The Worst Time To Get Started”

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A Kickstarter success story (and how you can do it, too)!

This is a guest post by Kristen Williams, creator of  Spanish is Your Amigo.

Fear is often what stands in the way of executing an idea.

Great ideas may come to you in a fleeting thought, as you quickly convince yourself that “you don’t have the time or resources to do them right. Then they stay around in your head like braincrack. Some people get addicted to braincrack. And the longer they wait the more they convince themselves of how perfectly that idea should be executed. No matter how much you plan you still have to do something for the first time. Someone who does something bad three times still has three times the experience.”

That quote comes from Ze Frank. If you don’t know who Ze is, go here to watch him talk about beginnings.

In the same breath of the quote above, he goes on to say that, “when I have an idea, even a bad one, I try to get it out into the world as fast as possible because I certainly don’t want to be addicted to braincrack.”

Maybe you’re out there thinking, “I do have a great idea but I truly don’t have the resources to make it happen.

Thanks to Kickstarter, you no longer have the luxury of indulging yourself in that excuse. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, let me break it down:
Continue reading “A Kickstarter success story (and how you can do it, too)!”

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Procrastinating is dumb. Don’t do it.

My name is Jessie, and I… am a recovering serial procrastinator.

A few weeks ago, I spent one long morning driving from Austin to Houston after spending the week with one of my best girlfriends. I was exhausted when I made it to my home in Houston, so naturally I took a nap. Then, I woke up equally as tired (if not more so). I shook it off, sat at my computer, fiddled around on social media, read the news, G-chatted with some folks, and then realized that two hours had gone by, and I’d still done nothing productive. I knew that I had a lot on my to do list (including writing three lengthy articles), and I knew that if I didn’t get those things checked off that I would only be screwing myself over.

I thought about it… I dwelled on it… I wasted more time as I thought about how I knew I should get my work done, but just didn’t have the energy to make it happen… and then I metaphorically decided to slap myself in the face and just do it. And you know what? I got it done! Afterwards, I felt amazing.
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25 things I’ve learned after 4 months of location-independence and starting a biz

It has been four months since I transitioned to a location-independent lifestyle. Since starting, I’ve been to and/or lived in D.C., Ecuador, Mexico, Oregon, and Texas. This month, I’ll be making my way to Tennessee, Illinois, New York, and Rhode Island while continuing to work on my business from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi.

The following list is in no particular order. It is simply a list of the things I’ve learned along the way, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing (or 25) from it, as well.

Here are the 25 things I’ve learned from location-independence and starting a company for the past four months.
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Thank you for eavesdropping – a tale of opportunity

(Random photo of cute lazy fellas lounging on the beach in La Jolla, California… wishing I was there now)!

We’ve always been taught that eavesdropping is rude. It’s simply impolite to intrude upon others’ conversations when they seemingly are none of your business. However, lately, I’ve begun to severely question that theory. In the past two months, I’ve never been more thankful for the rebels who go against the grain, and do in fact partake in the art of eavesdropping. Here’s why!
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Handling your own PR? How to build the perfect pitch list from scratch

Rows of chocolate for your rows of contacts

This is for the entrepreneur not interested in buying expensive programs… like me

Pitching bloggers and members of the media online can be intimidating (especially when you’re flyin’ solo)! But you know what? A lot of things are scary, and we wouldn’t get anywhere if we let fear drive the wheel of our business, right? Right.  So let’s put the intimidation factor aside, and step out of your comfort zone for a minute.

I am going to walk you through the steps to creating the perfect, all-encompassing digital pitch list so that you can cover all the bases for getting your new product or service the attention it deserves. Continue reading “Handling your own PR? How to build the perfect pitch list from scratch”