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Start a business you love – interview with JC Deen from JCD Fitness [Video]

Starting a business can be tricky! Where do you even begin? What if no one wants what you’re selling? What if you can’t make rent next month? What if…what if…what if?

All of these are some serious doubts that many people come across, and if you don’t realize that every single successful entrepreneur has had these doubts at some point or another, and that they’re completely normal, it could end up being the death of your idea.

The truth of the matter is, there is never a good time to toss your life into the air, quit your stable desk job, and work toward creating something amazing of your own. It’s never a “safe” decision – but that’s what makes it great. It’s a lot of stress, worry, anxiety, and freakin’ excitement. Continue reading “Start a business you love – interview with JC Deen from JCD Fitness [Video]”

Entrepreneurship, Tips for Success

Facebook: Oreo rocks at it

Whenever I take on a new client that needs help with promoting their brand through social media, particularly when it comes to Facebook, I almost always point them in the direction of the Oreo fan page to kick things off. I love what Oreo does on their Facebook page… they’ve got social media nailed, and businesses – small and large – can learn a thing or 12 from their example.

When it  comes to rocking your brand online, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You find what works by trial and error, and as you know, growing an audience takes a lot of time and dedication! That being said, there are certainly ways for you to not reinvent the wheel by doing things flat out incorrectly from the beginning.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t need a giant budget to create social media magic for your brand. [Tweet this]

While Oreo has 27 million fans already, and surely has deep pockets to hire the best of the best marketers, you can do these things with little to no budget on your own, and it can still be fantastic. All of these tricks and tips we are about to dive into do not cost a dime, and you can begin implementing these strategies today.

Look at what Oreo does well, and how you can immediately incorporate these strategies into your plans for your own brand.  Continue reading “Facebook: Oreo rocks at it”

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Twitter lists will make your (social media) life easier

I’ve had a few people tell me recently that they have no idea how Twitter works, and that they just don’t see the point. “It all moves so fast!” they frantically say. “How can I possibly keep up with all of these random tiny messages, and what does it all mean?! MADNESS, I TELL YOU, MADNESS!”

Then, in my most authoritative voice possible, I sternly say, “Calm down. It’s a social media site called “Twitter.” How intimidating and stressful can it be? Let’s break this down.”

This conversation was highly dramatized. But you get the idea.

There are a few ways in which you can make your life easier when it comes to using and organizing your Twitter account. The main way is through using the lists feature, which I have come to know and love very well these past few months!
Continue reading “Twitter lists will make your (social media) life easier”

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What we can learn about online community building from Tucker Max

The last time I felt the need to write about Tucker Max (the world’s favorite self-proclaimed “asshole”) was after I went to his book signing in Austin, Texas in 2010. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a huge Tucker Max fan. Embarrassingly so. While before I was writing to rant about how he did not live up to my expectations of adequate Tucker-Maxness (…yes, it’s a word), now I am writing to commend him for creating such an awesome online community of loyal fans, and to see what we can learn from his success (bare with me here – he may be a terrible person, but he’s definitely doing something right with over 277,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 427,000 dedicated fans on Facebook).

If you’re unfamiliar with Tucker Max, he is a law school graduate turned full-time author…and he created his own genre of writing, coined “Fratire.” It is as awful as it sounds. He writes about the shenanigans that he and his buddies get into during drunken escapades and sleeps with excessive amounts of women, followed by writing about all of it in great detail on a public forum. It all started as a blog for him and his friends to laugh and joke about, but it exploded in the blogosphere, and has made him the famous best-selling author he is today.

What is Tucker Max doing right? 

1. It all starts with his voice.

TMax’s blog was such a hit between him and his friends that it took off organically, with no paid promotion or agenda. He wrote like he was talking to you face-to-face, he embraced his true personality, and he told unforgettable stories (no matter how immoral and disturbing they may be). He went all in, and he ran with it. This successful blog was the perfect beginning to a paralleled successful social media presence.

If you take a look at his Tweets, they are hysterical, and they almost make me feel like worse of a person just by laughing out loud when I read them. Unless his manager is just as sick and depraved as he is, I’m fairly certain that all tweets are his own.

His fans continuously read his blog because of the awesome personality he presents to the world – and this is the same reason why he has such a strong following on Twitter.

People follow people… if he utilized his social sites just to promote his books, movie, and signing tours, I wouldn’t be writing about him at all, and neither would anyone else for that matter.

2. Notice how often he tweets: NOT THAT OFTEN.

This could be considered a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it, but in this case, it is clearly is working for him. In a little under 4 years in the Twitterverse, he’s sent out less than 400 tweets. How did this get him to grow to having 277,479 followers (all of whom actually want to read what he has to say in 140 characters or less)? I’d like to think that it’s because his feed is saturated with solid awesome content. He makes every little tweet count, and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unrewarded.

There are tons of brands out there tweeting 10x as often as Tucker Max is, but these brands still have just a fraction of the size of his community. This goes to show that it’s not about the quantity of tweets, but about the quality of them.

What could be done better?

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than anything in the social media world, it’s when a publicist tweets and posts on Facebook for the talent  (whether it’s an actor, author, artist, or any other type of talented human being…) without even coming close to matching the correct tone or voice. For example, look at this post on Tucker’s Facebook.

“Tucker Max has two new books out today, and he is giving one of them away for free as a thank you to all his fans. Seriously.”

While this is not the worst thing that could have been displayed on the page, it certainly could have been framed differently with a stronger resemblance to what Tucker would actually say, and more importantly, how he would say it. It’s important to remember that this is a FAN page…for fans of Tucker Max – not fans of Tucker Max’s manager.

When I first got into following talent pages on Facebook, I went and found all of my favorite musicians and began “liking” their pages since I thought it was so awesome that I could connect with them individually on a more personal level (after all, that’s what social media is all about, right?). But when I realized that the majority of the posts were generic messages pushing out only tour dates and merchandise promotions, it immediately turned me off, and I quit following them. For a band that I LOVE to follow because they are actually themselves and are actively connecting with their fans, check out Matt and Kim‘s Facebook page. 

All in all, what can we learn from Tucker Max’s community building skills? Be yourself, go all in with your voice and personality, make every Tweet count, and don’t overly promote your brand on Facebook (because it’s just super annoying). It comes down to voice and quality.  

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Facebook and/or Twitter, and what makes you continuously care about what they have to say?

While we’re at it, tell me if you love or hate Tucker Max (there’s no in between on this one… you either love him or you hate him).


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