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Turtle racing in the heart of Houston. Yep.

When I was visiting my friends and family in Houston last week, I made my way to midtown to visit a friend from high school. As we were just about to part ways, I saw a giant crowd of people standing around an arena in the outdoor section of a popular local bar called Little Woodrow’s. I asked my friend what was going on, and he said, “Oh, it’s turtle racing,” as if it were a completely normal thing to pass while walking along a downtown street in a major U.S. city.

He asked if I wanted to watch for a little bit because they were just getting started… and I was clearly fascinated by the idea.


Side note: when I was in high school, I had two baby water turtles named Mike and Ike. I miss those little buggers.

With several other popular bars within walking distance, Little Woodrow’s hit the nail on the head when it comes to standing out from the crowd. This was a Thursday night at 9pm, and the place was completely packed with young working professionals ready to cheer on one of the ten turtles from the pack. Continue reading “Turtle racing in the heart of Houston. Yep.”

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Embed your Instagram photos ANYWHERE! Can I get a high five?

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 2.50.01 PM

I’m obsessed with Instagram. I love it for taking photos of everything I eat (yeah – I’m that obnoxious person), I love it for my clients, and I love it for stalking my friends through these little photographical filtered gems. Seriously – Instagram rates higher than Twitter in my book of nerdiness, and that says a lot because I LOVE Twitter.

Anyways, before today, there was no easy way to embed your Instagram photos to your website without the use of a third-party tool such as SnapWidget (which is still a pretty cool tool – it allows you to embed your entire Instagram stream to your website/blog). Continue reading “Embed your Instagram photos ANYWHERE! Can I get a high five?”

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WTF is a “Pound Sign?” Facebook rolls out hashtags


If you’re a product of the 80s or below, you are probably well aware of what a pound sign is. If you’re born in the early 90s or later, you may have no idea what that even means. How crazy is that? So strange.

Anyways, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about Facebook and how they’re rolling out the use of hashtags this week. Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest all already incorporate hashtags into their systems, and Facebook is finally hopping on board.

When I first heard a rumor that this was going to happen, I was skeptical. Facebook should be Facebook, and Twitter should be Twitter, and Instagram should be Instagram (even though Instagram is owned by Facebook)… yada, yada, yada. I didn’t like how they all started merging similarities. After all, an audience on Facebook can be vastly different than an audience on Twitter, so why are these platforms growing closer and closer together?

Now that I think of it on a deeper level, though, I appreciate that Facebook is coming on board with hashtagging, because as hashtags become more of a staple in an everyday social media vernacular, it only makes sense for them be used across all social media platforms. Continue reading “WTF is a “Pound Sign?” Facebook rolls out hashtags”

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Epic WiFi Names

I was really sad when I found out that my Internet/cable provider wouldn’t let us change our network name or our password. I’ve been collecting screen shots of clever WiFi network names since I moved to NYC, and I’m slightly hurt over the fact that I can’t rename my network at my own discretion. Since I cannot do it myself, I just have to appreciate the humor brought on by others.

Working from various locations on a weekly basis means I see a lot of random networks. Here are a few of my favorites: Continue reading “Epic WiFi Names”

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Boot Camp vs Orgy? Yes, I’m serious.

private-benjamin-originalNow that the weather is getting hotter, people are stripping down to tank tops, they are finally heading to the beach for the weekends to catch some sun, and many of them have exercise on the brain. The gyms are getting crowded again, and I’m seeing more and more fitness coaches and trainers advertise for their “shape up for the summer boot camp classes.” In a nutshell, these classes are held outdoors (the ones I’m referring to take place in Central Park), they cost approximately $10 per session, and from what I’ve seen so far, classes usually consist of 5-10 people sweating their butts off (literally) while having a fun time and meeting cool people. Doesn’t that sound like a good time? Everyone getting together outside for a common goal to burn some cals and to meet friendly folks in your neighborhood – I think it sounds fun. I’m pretty sure more people would be on board with it if it weren’t for the name. I’m quite the advocate for working out (see?), and I fully support the desire to get into shape and to feel good about yourself while struttin’ your stuff in a bathing suit, but I must admit that there are very few things in this world that sound less fun to me than a “fitness boot camp.”

If I see a flyer that says something like, “Pay me $10 and I’ll kick your ass in the park during BOOT CAMP,” my eyes glaze over, and I look right past it. Why? Because that sounds awful. I don’t want to do that. I want to work out, sure, but the idea of a boot camp fitness course sounds absolutely miserable.

Then, a friend of mine shared a link on my Facebook page a few weeks ago that linked to a group fitness class in Central Park… it was most definitely NOT called a “boot camp,” and before I tell you the name of this class, and before you judge me (mom) for thinking this is awesome, let me explain myself… Continue reading “Boot Camp vs Orgy? Yes, I’m serious.”

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Keeping your online strategy afloat through the summer



If your town is anything like New York City, things get pretty quiet during the summer months. People are on vacation, it’s hot outside so everyone stays indoors or makes a B-line for the Hamptons, businesses have funky hours  – you get the idea. It can be a difficult time for business owners during these hot months, as expenses go up due to those poor hardworking A/Cs… on top of the lower profits and lighter foot traffic.

Now is the time to amp up your online marketing. Yup – the slow times are perfect for you to begin promoting your business with little-to-no budget through social media, and to begin strategizing how you are going to handle the droves of customers you will be swarmed with come September.

Here is how you can keep up with (and even improve upon) your social media presence throughout the summer months!  Continue reading “Keeping your online strategy afloat through the summer”

Guest post, Tips for Success

How to Jump Start Social Media Success for Small Businesses

This is a guest post by Gail Limcumpao

How do you jump start social media success for small businesses?

Social media is all the rage – especially when the landscape of marketing has dramatically changed from outbound to inbound marketing. Studies show that inbound marketing (or digital marketing) is taking the marketing and advertising world by storm because of the new strategies that businesses need to rethink and reconsider in order to effectively draw in prospects to their doors. Take for example 73% of Fortune 500 Companies who have Twitter accounts and 66% of the said companies that have Facebook pages, they all know the value of Facebook fans and Twitter readers. But for small business getting into social media it may be a little tricky at first because signing up for Facebook and maintaining a Twitter account is not where social media ends. It is a complex process of strategies that require time, effort, quality content, and relationship building. However, jump starting your social media success by these simple steps will catapult you into reaping rewards from your online marketing efforts. Continue reading “How to Jump Start Social Media Success for Small Businesses”