This is me:

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I am a Texan (born n raised), but currently living in Washington, DC and working at the UN Foundation on the digital and public affairs team. I love business, fitness, and I’m a huge fan of ramen noodles, pirates, and caffeine (via tea and/or coffee). Also, sharks and sea turtles are the best. Speak English and a good amount of Spanish. Currently learning Arabic.

I originally started this website when I was consulting on social media for small businesses a few years ago, and I blogged mostly about digital media, consulting, and the basics of working with clients. Now that I’ve been out of the consulting game for a few years, the site is focused much more on travel and adventures (which I have a lot of fun writing about)!

I have a big bucket list. You can see it here (and if you want to join me on any of these adventures, let me know).

Thanks for reading!

Jessie aka @piratejessie

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