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Bahamas Shark Diving – Travel Day One

Paul Spielvogel, Peige Turner, and Yours Truly
Paul Spielvogel, Peige Turner, and Yours Truly

I arrived in Fort Lauderdale from Washington, D.C. on Tuesday afternoon and stepped off of the plane to feel the hot humid air – my favorite! Most people think I’m weird for embracing the hot humidity, but it makes me feel right at home and happy.

I met up with my dad who was coming in from Houston, and we dropped our bags at the Fort Lauderdale Ramada hotel, and a friend of mine who lives here recommended we check out a local seafood joint called 15th Street Fisheries. It was a huge hit – it’s right on the water overlooking a dock where we could see fish swimming around beneath us and giant boats that I could never afford off in the distance. The food was great and the weather was perfect!

After dinner, my dad and I walked around the marina to look at boat names (I’ve always loved doing that), and we saw one that I completely fell in love with. We later found out that the boat (ship?) was owned by a wealthy man in the construction business in Virginia, the boat was worth $12.5 million plus $1.5 million per year just in maintenance and crew (apparently I may have expensive taste), and that this man doesn’t even live here. So the boat just sits there looking pretty until he’s ready to use it once or twice per year. That sounds like an investment I would never make, but I admire those who make it happen. Keeps me entertained when I make my treks through marinas.

It’s good to have goals. #suchaprettyboat #yachtlife #marina #lifegoals #thebeachgirl

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We woke up early to catch the shuttle to the airport, and now we’re preparing to board our plane on Cape Air Airlines – it’s a SEA PLANE – the kind that they had in the movie Six Days, Seven Nights and you land in the water! I’m so excited.

Today is a travel day, and tomorrow begins our three-day hammerhead adventure with Shark Diver Magazine and Epic Diving. I’ve got a tiny little GoPro on a stick, and I’ll be surrounded by pros with giant camera setups and shiny, heavy, underwater cases. I totally fit in.

Pics to come! But for now, follow @SharkImages on Instagram!


PS Check out this video from Bob Pecoraro who did this trip last week!!

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