MIn this interview with Margie Newman, we’ll discuss how Margie left the corporate world to begin her own entrepreneurial endeavor, moved her life to sunny San Diego, and how she did it all as a new mom!

Margie was one of the first people I was fortunate enough to meet in 2010 when I had first graduated from college. I got off the plane from Houston to DC, dropped my bags at my brother’s house, went to a WWPR event at a bar somewhere in the city, and started networking and looking for a job. Margie took me under her wing, offered me guidance, introduced me to some fantastic public relations folks in the area, and is now running her own successful PR agency in San Diego, CA!

Check out the Intesa Communications blog here, and leave your thoughts for Margie in the comments section below! 

(Recommended “to-do list” tool from Margie in the interview: Good To Do)

3 Thoughts on “Interview with Margie Newman: Intesa Communications, on Entrepreneurship

  1. Thanks for the feature, Jessie! It turned out great. FWIW, my video camera is working now. Ha! But the podcast is still super.

    • Judge Steve Hornsby on July 30, 2013 at 5:41 PM said:

      Margie -so glad to hear about your move, your new venture and your baby! Not a bit surprised that you are keeping many things moving all at one time… not a bit different from when we putting out fires in TN state government. You continue to live life in alignment with your core values of integrity, professionalism and quality. Way to go! Let’s chat soon and catch up on the details – lots going on with me as well. Tell Dave hello for me.
      Jessie – thanks for creating this so I can hear a dear “old” friend! Best wishes on your venture.
      All the Best – Steve Hornsby

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