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100 reasons why I love NYC, and why @krisving24 should move here [Part 1]


I am creating this list for the sole purpose of twisting the arm of one of my best friends in the world. This is only the first half of the list, so I’m open to your suggestions for the 2nd half. I do not want to know your reasons to *not* move to NYC… so please only contribute if you’ve got something positive to say! She needs to be here. She belongs here…she would be amazing here! So let’s keep the SVU related comments to a minimum.  Here goes! 

  1. Strolling through Central Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  2. Having a snowball fight in Central Park after a snow storm with random strangers
  3. Working out in Central Park
  4. Taking photos in Central Park
  5. People watching in Central Park
  6. Drinking a post-workout smoothie from Juice Generation (read: Peanut-butter Split)
  7. Meeting the most interesting people in the most random of places
  8. Seeing celebrities walking along the side streets
  9. Shopping in SoHo
  10. Drinking beer on a Saturday afternoon
  11. Bottomless brunch on weekends
  12. Pretending you’re a celebrity while walking down the crowded streets
  13. Walking EVERYWHERE
  14. 24-hour subway transportation
  15. Bunz. Of. Steel.
  16. Dating in NYC – lots of attractive young lads here
  17. Exploring whatever career you could ever imagine
  18. Being surrounded by hardworking and inspiring individuals
  19. Sports bars and bar food – for some reason, they’re better here
  20. Meeting small business owners and learning from their experience
  21. Eating some of the most unique and exquisite foods in the country
  22. Hearing accents from all over the globe
  23. Appreciating the man talents in represented in Washington Square Park
  24. Dancing until 6 AM
  25. Eating unhealthy food at an all-nighter diner after a long night of bar hopping
  26. Seeing the opera at the Met
  27. Wandering around the Met on Friday nights (fo’ free)
  28. Attending endless marketing mixers in every neighborhood
  29. Enjoying the Spring time foodie festivals
  30. Visiting the wine festivals in the Fall
  31. Being so close to Pittsburgh and DC for a quick weekend getaway
  32. Being within driving distance to Vermont for skiing in the wintertime
  33. Coffee shops. Sitting in them.
  34. Feeling like you’re VIP in the meatpacking district on Saturday nights
  35. Jogging along the Brooklyn Bridge on a sunny Spring afternoon
  36. Living life in yoga pants during the day, and going out like a rock star at night
  37. Exploring the many art galleries scattered throughout the city
  38. Knowing that you’re in a place where your success is 100% up to you – opportunities are everywhere
  39. Trying desserts from vegan and gluten-free bakeries – something about them is so much tastier than regular bakeries.
  40. Serendipity… you know why.
  41. Becoming a local at your favorite dive bar
  42. Becoming a local at your favorite restaurant
  43. Joining fitness groups and working out with awesome people
  44. Exploring Arthur Avenue in the Bronx (DURING THE DAY!!!) for the Italian markets and restaurants
  45. Eating a disgusting piece of New York Pizza. And I mean disgusting in the nicest way possible.
  46. Smiling at strangers on the Subway when they look like they hate their lives… making someone’s day
  47. Wearing whatever you want to an uppity fashion event, and no one will even care as long as your confidence shines through – seriously – wear Lulu to a show and people will still think you’re famous if you pretend to be
  48. Playing with strangers’ puppies in the parks – they are everywhere!
  49. Appreciating the architecture of many of the older buildings in the city – exposed brick is the best
  50. Watching a movie based in NYC and recognizing several of the places in the background

To be continued….


5 thoughts on “100 reasons why I love NYC, and why @krisving24 should move here [Part 1]”

  1. P.S..I’m sitting at work right now reading this, tearing up and remembering how many of those we have already done..just in 3 days. :-) Thank you!

  2. -The ability to be in Chinatown where everyone around is speaking chinese *walk across the block* Everyone around you is speaking Italian.
    -The view of Central Park from the top of Rockefeller Plaza (Where the show 30 Rock was set).

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