Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Memberships and Education

This is the third and final part of the Holiday Gift Guide for 2012! Part one covered great books for entrepreneurs, part two included products and techie goodness, and part three is all about memberships and education. If you don’t want to give a material gift this year for the business owner on your list, try one of these suggestions! Happy holidays :)

Kiva credit – Giving Kiva credit is a wonderful way to “give the gift of giving.” Through Kiva, people have the opportunity to invest in a small business owner’s dream by offering a loan as small as $25. The small business owner pays the lender back slowly but surely, and then the money can be redistributed to another entrepreneur, or the lender can repeat the loan to continue helping with the same project! It’s a feel-good way to help out fellow entrepreneurs, and Kiva has a 99.02% repayment rate across 66 countries (pretty safe bet)!

Chamber of Commerce membership – Being a member of the chamber opens up a world of opportunity for business owners…and the fees are sometimes a deterrent. The benefits are worth the cost, and a membership into the Chamber would be a perfect gift for the newbie entrepreneur or the entrepreneur who may have doubts about the advantages of joining! Give this gift, and they’ll see why it’s worth it.

Conference tickets – Conferences provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn from some of the best in their field, and are perfect gifts because tickets are often scarce and sometimes a little pricey. When you get into the major conferences like SXSW, tickets are insane (though worth it)…but you can do a quick search and find that there are plenty of other local conferences in your area that are not nearly as cost prohibitive.

B-School – Marie Forleo has an incredible track record for getting businesses off the ground and running. B-School is an online business course in which she takes you through every element of business. Read some of the testimonials on her site and consider giving the gift of business coaching/classes. You can never have too much training!

Gym membership/Training – Give the gift of health! Take their mind off of business for a while and help them get a six-pack. I’m a fan of 24-Hour Fitness gyms simply because I like to work out at odd times, and they seem to be spread throughout the country (which is great for travelers), but it may not be for everyone. Check to see if they have a local gym they’d prefer to use, or even go for online fitness products from folks like JC Deen (JCD Fitness).

Magazine subscription – A lot of magazines (if not most) are now in print and digital formats. If the person on your list is a tablet user, purchase a digital subscription to one of their favorite magazines! If you don’t know their favorites, go for a business-related classic: Entrepreneur, Inc., etc. Print is a good choice if they have an office – great for waiting room reading once they are finished with it!

Sanebox – My friend Matt Madeiro showed me SaneBox and says that it’s a life saver when it comes to organizing and maintaining your jungle of an email inbox. Give a membership for less than $6 per month, and watch their stresses fade away!

Facebook ads – No one would ever turn down free advertising! Give a Facebook ads gift card for free promotion online!

Consulting with Split Aces – Kick ass online :) Last but not least, give the gift of education from Split Aces Media! Packages to choose from include [Social Media Audit + Consultation], [Facebook and Twitter 101], and [Blogging 101]. Training can be scheduled at the recipients earliest convenience, and it will never expire.

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  1. This is a fun post, Jessie! I would be SO stoked if someone picked up the membership fee for one of my networking groups. Those certainly add up quickly. Great stuff here! :) Hope you’re having a fabulous December!

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