Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Products and Tech

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This is Part 2 of the Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide series. Part 1 was a list of epically awesome book recommendations for the entrepreneurs on your shopping list, and Part 2 is all about products and tech gear that any business owner would love to have! After asking a few folks what types of things they’d want for the holidays, these were some of their answers, along with a few suggestions from yours truly. If you’d add anything to this list, please don’t be shy! Share with the class in the comments below. Happy Holidays, and stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon! 

Aquanotes – People do their best thinking at random times and in random places. Some get their inspiration from working out in a gym or jogging, some get their best thoughts while sleeping so they wake in the middle of the night to write them down, and then others get them in the shower. Now people that fall into the shower category will never have to forget an idea again, because Aquanotes are awesome. Think it, write it, remember it. Even in the shower!

Noise cancelling headphones – I used to judge people who used these on a daily basis simply because they look funny, but now, I realize how awesomely handy they are when working in a noisy cafe or coffee shop. They really do make a world of a difference and would make a great gift for the location-independent or traveling entrepreneur!

Personalized stationery – Dorky? Meh. But personally (see what I did there?), I love things like this. Order customized stationery with names, logos, or anything else that represents his or her biz!

Kindle – I’m Kindle obsessed. It has been a life saver while traveling, and I have been reading much more now that I can purchase books with the click of a button. It’s lightweight, it fits inside my purse, I can take it anywhere and everywhere, and I can read anytime I’d like without having to carry around multiple books at a time! It’s great for business folks to highlight passages and take notes, and you can even share some books from Kindle to Kindle!

Coffee – Anything and everything to do with coffee. We cherish our caffeine just as much as the next guy or gal. Gift cards? Surreeee. Kuerig? Yup. Coffee mugs? Yes please! To go mugs? Chyea…

iPhone tripod – If you didn’t already know, the iPhone has a pretty killer camera, and a tripod would make recording videos and taking photos for blogs/websites 10x easier. This particular tripod can grasp onto strange surfaces, mold into unique angles, and grip your phone for the perfect shot! I gave this to someone as a gift last year, and now I wish I would have kept it for myself (is that selfish?)… great gift idea! If you they don’t have an iPhone, there are also other options out there similar to this.

Massage – I wasn’t thinking about adding things like this to an entrepreneur’s gift guide, but so many of the business owners that I surveyed included that they would want a massage as a gift! So, here it is. A perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your life is a massage – give the gift of a relaxing and stress-free hour of bliss.

Phorce – The World’s First Smart Bag? Sounds hokey, but I’m intrigued by this Kickstarter project. It deserves to be added to the list for the techie enthusiast! In a nutshell, it is a bag that “charges all your devices, communicates with your smartphone, and transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase.”

Entrepreneur poster – This is a cool poster that my buddy Matt Cheuvront from Proof Branding created. It’s a manifesto for business owners, and it would look quite lovely on an office wall!

Alma mater paraphernalia – If he or she attended a university and has a bit of school spirit left, then t-shirts, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, calendars, etc… anything branded with their school’s logo on it is always a great gift idea.

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