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5 awesome resources for women in business

You’re seeing it more and more every single day – women are rapidly rising to the top, starting their own companies, approaching workplace management in a whole new way, and changing the way people look at certain elements of business. Call me biased, but I like this trend.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, then you probably know that I am a huge advocate for joining and/or creating communities – both online and in-person. Below, I’ve laid out some of my favorite networking communities and resources for women in business, and I’d love for you to join and explore them! Most of these communities are free, and the benefits of being a part of them are invaluable. In this list, I’ve included a few great female bloggers who help encourage women in business and who have influenced me along the way, as well.

Project Eve – Online

“Project Eve is a free global online community supporting, promoting and connecting female entrepreneurs and small business owners.”

I rock the Project Eve badge proudly on my website (to the right) because I believe that its founders have built and are continuing to actively build an incredible support system for not only already-established businesswomen, but the aspiring female entrepreneurs working their way up, as well. The women of Project Eve support the “no sharp elbows” mentality, which means that there is no backstabbing, no harsh competition, and no cattiness – it’s pure support, encouragement, and learning from women who share a common goal. By joining the Project Eve community, I have had the opportunity to learn from not only women who have been in business for 20+ years, but I’m also learning from young women who are new to business and entrepreneurship. This community has opened several doors for me, including exposure to new clients, new friends, and new writing opportunities. All I had to do was sign up for free, and you can, too. Register here!

Marie Forleo – Online

Marie Forleo is all about helping you create a business and a life you love! I came across MarieTV while I was living in Ecuador and starting up Split Aces, and her blogs and videos have really provided some amazing insights into how to market brands online. I especially love her Q&A Tuesday videos, because she addresses real-life questions submitted from her readers, and answers them in detail. How to increase traffic to your website, how to handle a catty colleague, how to say no without sounding like an ass, how to raise your rates… anything and everything under the sun to help your business thrive. Marie’s story is incredibly inspiring, because she started out working with some fancy companies and had the courage to leave these positions for something better – being her own boss. She has found incredible success, and has been able to meet with some of the most influential folks in biz – Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Oprah to name a few. She’s amazing, and I have a feeling you’ll love her, too! (On my Upcoming Adventures list, I’ve included that I would love to someday be interviewed by Marie on MarieTV). Check out her site and her channel on YouTube.

Liz Theresa – Online

I met Liz Theresa through the Project Eve community, and immediately loved her charisma, website, and resources. When I noticed that Liz had a background in theatre and public speaking, I asked her to write a post on my site about how to rock your first public speaking gig, and I am so thankful for her knowledge and support! She has started a business similar to Split Aces, except she works mainly among the holistic healing/health sectors. Also a fan of Marie Forleo, Liz and I talk about business on a regular basis, and it’s so great to have this girl around to bounce ideas back and forth with! Check out her site and send her a note to say hello. – In-person is one of the best (and non-creepy) websites to meet up with folks in person who share a common interest with you. No matter where you’re at in the world, you’ll be able to sort through your city for certain topics to find a group to meet with! I use to find my PR networking groups, book clubs, and fitness groups. It’s completely free to join Meetup, and you’ll have the chance to meet some excellent people through your Meetup(s) of choice. Sign up here and start meeting your people!

YFE (Young Female Entrepreneurs) – Online and in-person

I’m fairly new to this group of inspiring young women, but what I’ve seen so far, I adore! This group hosts live Twitter chats in which women can collectively meet on Twitter bi-weekly to discuss business and current relevant topics. In addition to their Twitter chats, the founder hosts a live show once per week where viewers can tune in and learn about business from interesting interviews with other entrepreneurs! For the offline side of things, YFE now provides members with the chance to meet up in real life if you’re fortunate enough to be in a city where they’ve started a meet up group. If you’re not in a city where a YFE group already exists, you can create one! You can legitimately become your city coordinator by getting involved with this amazing project. I’m going to be spending some time in NYC pretty soon, and I’m so excited to join these ladies for an IRL Meetup – their first in-person meetup is coming up this week, so unfortuantely I’ll have to miss it, but I’m hoping to catch one in the near future.  Check out the blog and resources here. You can also register for the #YFEcon online conference taking place on Nov. 15 to participate and learn from several innovative women in biz!

Ladies – what resources do you love when it comes to business? Please share your thoughts below! 

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