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Take the long way – short cuts are for wimps

Short cuts.

We all love ‘em. They save you hours of time, they save you endless amounts of energy, and they save you tons and tons of money. Except that I just lied to you, and this is not true at all.

Short cuts are going to be the death of your success, and yes, I am telling you that taking the long way can get you there faster. [Tweet this]

My favorite TV show of all time is FRIENDS. One of the best episodes in this series was when Joey decided that he was going to build a small table for him and Chandler to throw their mail on when they walked in the door. Once he started building the small table, he decided to go ahead and build an entire entertainment system out of wood. Chandler walks into the apartment, sees the mess that Joey is creating, and Joey tells him to calm down and that it will be all finished in no time at all.

Once the entertainment system is built and ready to rock, Joey and Chandler ask the rest of their friends to help them lift it up and stand it against the wall between the two bedrooms. They stand the new entertainment system up against the wall, and… this happens: click the photo below to watch on YouTube.

The entertainment system is ginormous.

It’s so large that it blocks both of their bedroom doors.

If you watched the entire clip, you’ll know that Joey’s first attempt at creating the entertainment system was a total disaster because he didn’t take the time to get it right the first time.

If he had taken the time to measure correctly before starting this project, all of the heartache could have been avoided: They wouldn’t have access to only half of their bedroom doors, Chandler wouldn’t rip the sleeves in all of his work suits, Joey wouldn’t have gotten locked in the cabinet, and they wouldn’t have gotten robbed.

While this is an extreme case of “do it right the first time, you big dope,” you get the idea that this all could have been avoided!

When it comes to your marketing plan for your business, you’re going to fail a lot. You’re going to experience a lot of trial and error, and in all likelihood, you’re not going to get it right the first time.

You’re going to figure out what works for your particular brand, and you’re going to get better with every attempt. There are no short cuts here. Building an audience takes time, and you’re not going to get it overnight by doing things incorrectly to start out.

If you don’t start things off right the first time… if you don’t set a solid foundation for the face of your brand… it’s going to take you 3x longer to create and build the brand you want.

Take things the long way – learn from your mistakes, and build a brand you and your fans will love!


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