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6 ways to help people find you on social media

Last week after I launched my new Email Marketing: The Small Business Edition eBook, I asked a couple of my new subscribers (thank you again for signing up!) what they would like to know more about and what they would like to see me write more of on this site. (I also took a day off on Sunday to go hiking, hence the photo above). I was super excited to get some pretty detailed responses from  some of you, so I am going to spend the next few posts focusing on answering some of those specific questions!

*If you would like to contribute a topic suggestion for an upcoming post, I would love for you to shoot me an email anytime with your thoughts*

First on the agenda:

How can you encourage more people find you on social sites?

There are plenty of ways to get the word out that you are an active user on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever your social network of choice may be. This week, if you haven’t already taken these into consideration, do allllllll of these!

Email signature: Create a killer email signature by making it as efficient as possible. I use a program called WiseStamp… and, here’s the best part…. IT’S FREEEEE (I’m a big fan of free)! There is both a version for purchase and a basic version as a free download. The free version is all you need! In every single email that you send, no matter who it goes to, this program will automatically insert a box with your social media accounts, your phone number, website, latest blog posts, etc… You can easily customize it to include or exclude any of those elements, and the program takes the liberty of formatting your signature into a professional and beautiful masterpiece! Here is a screenshot of the email signature that I have been using:

My signature includes every platform in which I would like to be found on. I include links to my company Facebook page, my personal Twitter account, my newly-founded YouTube channel (which I’m super excited about… I want to start making more videos), my Pinterest boards, my profile on LinkedIn, and my latest blog post… also including my full name, company name, phone number, and website. That’s a TON of information, but it’s all there so that whomever I am corresponding with will know, clearly, that they can contact me on any one of those platforms.

Twitter: If you’re an active user on Twitter and you want more people to connect with you on it, connect with them first! The best part about Twitter is that you can find your niche on a global scale. You can set up search strings to follow discussions on a certain topic by simply using a hashtag (#). Start conversations with people talking about topics you’re interested in! If you want to connect with book nerds, follow search strands such as #literature, #bookclub, #goodreads, #kidlit… whatever kind of books you’re interested in. Retweet (RT) links that you find, comment on tweets about the subject, ask questions, respond to questions… connect, connect, connect! Create “retweetable” and quality content, and slowly but surely, the followers will begin to flow in.

Email campaigns: Have you set up your email marketing strategy yet? If not, this free eBook will help you get started! In these campaigns, always, always, always include links to your social media accounts. These emails are going out to your entire network of subscribers! If they forward your awesome email on to their friends/colleagues, those people may not already know who you are. Make it easy for them to find you on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Much like your email signature (above), include all of the information you would like newbies to know about. In Mailchimp, I always include links at the bottom that say “follow me on Twitter” or “Find me on LinkedIn.” Now that I have a Facebook page, you’ll see that I’ve added that, as well! Don’t make your readers dig too far to find you. We’ve got short attention spans these days. Put your information in a clear spot, and make it super easy for them to find ya!

Homepage of website: If your social media buttons aren’t front and center on your homepage, STOP READING THIS EMAIL AND GO PUT THEM THERE (please). If you don’t yet haaaavvvee a website, you’re going to need one of those! (Here’s a free eBook to teach you how to create one, step-by-step. OR you can hire me to do it)! It’s surprising how many websites do not put their social links on the main page of their website. The “contact” page is not enough. Put them front and center! I know for a fact that I won’t go poking around on a website to specifically find the Facebook and Twitter links. I have a better chance of checking them out if they are right in front of my face. Again, we’ve got short attention spans. Don’t make us search – make those links easily accessible in a clear spot on the homepage!

Shareaholics: Shareaholics is a plugin that allows your blog posts to be easily shared throughout various social networks. (I love that they are called “Sexy Bookmarks,” too. Good stuff). This plugin lets you customize the tweet that gets sent out when someone tries to share your post on Twitter. You can customize the tweet to say “Title of your blog post” + “via @username” before they hit the send button! All of their followers who read this tweet will also see you, the author, and will be able to easily locate your Twitter account! Easy as that! (When you scroll over each network box, they pop up, too)! I just discovered this awesome plugin a few days ago, and will begin using it in the next few days or so!

Connect with some bloggers you admire: Start building a close network of fellow bloggers or people in your industry. These are going to be the people you work with the most, you support the most, and the ones who support you the most! Help each other out and keep each other in close contact! It’s not even just about the “networking” aspect. It’s about making an actual friend who you can and should be able to depend on from time to time!

Let me know if you’ve got any other suggestions or questions about these! Would love to hear your thoughts. After you do all of these, send me an email and let me know what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you so that we can come up with a solution together!

Talk to you again soon!


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