Get inspired! Because, well… why not?


I will be spending the next four weeks blogging and working for a couple of great companies to help them create solid social media strategies… and I’ll be doing it from my new home in the beautiful city of Manta, Ecuador! Wi-fi is a glorious invention.

One of the most common questions I have received is “Why Ecuador?” upon announcing my plans. Well, the answer is really quite simple: Why not?

My love for the beach, sunshine, palm trees, and extremely cheap living and delicious South American cuisine had a large influence on my decision, but for the most part…it’s really just an adventure and a chance for me to build my business online from anywhere in the world.

I am not going to lie to you, though, I had a lot of help with finding the courage and the knowledge to even know where to begin with planning this trek. If you would have asked me where I would be right now three months ago, I would tell you that I would be working in D.C., still living in the same apartment, still making the same expensive commute to and from work, and still yearning for Fridays.

So who helped me? Where did this decision spark from?

Well, I didn’t come to this decision alone, that’s for sure. I’ve always had the mentality that once I got my college degree, I was supposed to find a job with a giant company and I would work my way up to eventually make enough money to live comfortably and help support my family. But apparently things are different now. And that’s what I’m on a mission to explore.

Look at what these adventurous and gutsy people have done, and be prepared to be inspired! Go in with an open mind, and don’t forget that you’re never “stuck” anywhere!

Life Without Pants

Nerd Fitness

Answering Oliver

Blog of Impossible Things

Art of Non-Conformity

*Side note: this blog is not going to be continuously focusing on how to quit your job and move to Ecuador. That’s not what I’m here for! This lifestyle may or may not be for everyone, and I respect that. I will continue to write about ways to improve your social media strategy, to provide helpful tips on how to manage your time efficiently, to feature awesome people doing great things in the world, to provide the lovely Gen-Y crew with job searching insights, and to write about whatever else you would like to see on here!* 

Here are some photos from my first few days in South America! I apologize about the fact that they aren’t pro-quality… but it’s all you’re going to get due to a series of unfortunate circumstances (story to come for a later day).


Bye bye, Texas!
Whatever is listed on that blackboard, I ate it. And it was a whopping total of $3.
The $3 meal... turned out to be pork, rice, beans, cerveza, plantain soup, and chocolate cake.
On the plane from Quito to Manta
Apartment patio - bottom floor :)


5 thoughts on “Get inspired! Because, well… why not?”

  1. Ahhh congrats so much again! I feel like I started reading your blog at the perfect time. It’s been great to follow your adventure. And now you’re finally in Equador! Keep us posted and continue posting food pics (or at least tweet them and tag me @withElan). :)

    I feel like I’m at that stage where I need to leave my job and travel again. When I was in Malaysia, I wanted a career. Now that I have a career, I want to travel. Mainly I just want to be in the position where I can choose to do whatever I want and not be worried about money.

    1. Hola Élan! Thank you! That’s the same feeling I went through as well. When I didn’t have a job, I was frantically searching for one. When I got one, I wanted out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Check out those bloggers I listed in the post…I feel like they may be able to help you in your struggles to figure out how to make that happen! Oh, and I LoVe taking food pics! I would be happy to include more :)

  2. Congrats again, Jessie. The most important thing to remember, for everyone, is exactly what you said. You’re never, ever, “stuck”. You’re living proof that taking a bold leap requires one thing: action. Can’t wait to chat soon!

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